This is the season for allergies, respiratory infections and the dreaded canine cough otherwise known as kennel cough. We had 3 reported cases of kennel cough in the last week. Please let us know if your dog is having symptoms of a gagging cough or any other cold-like symptoms. If so, please keep them home for 7 days after symptoms have subsided.
Canine cough is a highly contagious, upper respiratory infection that is spread by an airborne virus. Since the viruses can be present anywhere and can travel for considerable distances through the air, they can affect any dog – even those that don’t socialize with other dogs. It is more likely to occur where there is a greater concentration of dogs like a dog park, daycare, kennels, groomers, vet clinics, and pet stores. Dogs can also be exposed by running loose or on daily walks.
The Bordetella vaccination is similar to the flu vaccination. It is a preventative that reduces the severity and length of time a dog has symptoms but does not prevent the dog from getting sick. The Bordetella vaccination is still required even though it only covers a handful of the strains. The more regularly a dog attends daycare or is boarded, the greater the chances they will acquire an immunity to kennel cough.
Kennel cough symptoms can last from a few days to a few weeks and typically doesn’t develop into anything more serious. However, just like the common cold, it can lower resistance increasing the susceptibility to other infections. Your vet may prescribe antibiotics to prevent secondary infections and sometimes a cough suppressant to reduce excessive coughing, but these do not cure the infection itself.

BamPaws Stay and Play takes every precaution to lessen the possibility of exposure to Canine Cough and hope this helps you understand what Kennel Cough is and what to watch out for. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.