Welcome to the frequently asked questions page and thank you for your interest in BamPawsStayandPlay®. To start the process of Boarding and Daycare, we have paperwork that would need to be submitted along with a copy of current vaccination records. You can find the necessary paperwork on our forms page or you can pick it up when you come in for a tour. We do tours Monday – Friday from 9:00-11:30 am and 2:30-4:30 pm.
Laurinda and Dave Flaks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are reservations required for daycare?

Yes, reservations are required.

Q. What vaccines do you require, and how often?

The vaccinations we require are Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. The frequency of the vaccinations is dependent on what your vet has administered and their expiration dates.

Q. Do you separate dog play groups based on energy level or size?

Yes, we do separate dogs by size, temperament and energy level.

Q. Is there a webcam?

We do not have a webcam. We routinely take individual photos and videos of owner’s dogs in action and text or email them to the owners. We also use these pictures on our social media sites.

Q. What happens when a dog plays too rough with others or is overstimulated?

Our play groups are closely monitored by our attendants who are trained in dog behavior and group play.  Dogs that are getting to the over arousal stage are re-directed or go into a time out for a couple of minutes to settle down.

Q. What vet would you take a dog to if you couldn't reach their designated vet? Is there a vet or highly trained employee on site for emergencies?

We have a relationship with Cook’s Veterinary which is two blocks away for pet emergencies.  We do have 2 Vet Techs on staff.

Q. Do you administer medication to dogs (medication brought from home)?

We do administer medications per owners instructions.

Q. Is there individual play for dogs who are not able to play with a group (for medical, behavioral, temperament, other reasons)?

We do day boarding for dogs that do not do well in playgroup environment.  These dogs are taken on walks according to their individual capacity.  They are interacted with an Attendant throughout the day, taken outside for potty breaks several times a day.

Q. Do you require that dogs are neutered or spayed?

We do require dogs to be neutered or spayed.

Q. When people board dogs and haven't packed enough food, what food do you supply?

The food we provide for our Boarders is Earthborn Holistic Grain Free food.

Q. Do you offer a tour of the facility?

We invite you down to take a tour of the BamPaws Stay and Play® facility so you can see firsthand what we are all about. We do not offer tours during our quiet time. Tour times are  Monday – Friday between 9:30-11:30am or 2:30-4:30pm.

Q. Is there naptime?

Quiet time is daily from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. We turn the lights off and turn on soft music.

Q. Can I register online?

Through our website, we offer online registration. The required current shot records may be e-mailed to us.

Q. May I bring a bed, toys, blanket, treats, etc. for boarding?

We encourage you to bring anything that may make your dog or cat feel at home.

Q. Do Cats need to be declawed for boarding?


Didn’t find the answer to the question you have about pet daycare and boarding at BamPaws? Please feel free to give us a call.

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